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Welcome to the Loop Head Peninsula in West Clare, Ireland

The Loop Head peninsula on the west coast of County Clare juts into the Atlantic Ocean like a gnarled finger pointing westward. It is bounded on the north and west side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the south by the River Shannon estuary with barely one mile of land saving it from island status meaning it has one of the highest ratios of coastline to land surface in Ireland. It is in the middle of the Wild Atlantic Way a 2,500 km of finest Coastal Scenery in Ireland.

The Loophead lighthouse is overlooking the whole area. The peninsula is bounded to the east by European designated conservation areas. Within this small triangle lies the entire range of coastal ecosystems found on the Atlantic coast of Europe. As such the Ocean provides us with our raison d’être, it feeds us, entertains us and provides us with employment opportunities.

The area is sparsely populated with Kilkee being the only centre of population. There are three attractive villages encompassed in the peninsula, in the Loop Head Peninsula, Kilbaha, Cross and Carrigaholt. They are relatively small and untouched by development. The peninsula is extensively farmed, mainly with beef cattle and dairy herds.

Loop head Lighthouse is a huge tourist attraction in the area. The Lighthouse was opened to the public June 2011 and had 19,000 visitors during summer 2013. Visitor can take a guided tour up the tower and go out onto the balcony. The Loop Head Lighthouse is a fantastic place to visit!

Achievements and Awards

Loop Head is the winner of the European Destination of Excellence 2010 and also the Irish Times Winner of the Best Place to Holiday in Ireland in 2013.It won this award for its beauty untouched, amazing activities and Eco friendly tourist area.

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 Loophead is also shortlisted in the top 10 areas for Responsible Tourism in Ireland 2013

(Below is a photo taken with representatives of Loophead at the Responsible Tourism awards ceremony 2013)

Loop Head Peninsula, Clare Ireland

There are plenty of places of interest around the Loop Head Peninsula, from Carrigaholt Castle to Loop Head Lighthouse.

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